About Us

About us


To be a key instigator and facilitator in developing a favorable socio-economic environment for all communities across the country based on sustainable solutions.


To strive relentlessly to build inter-community solidarity nets, leading to peaceful coexistence in Lebanon.



PASSIONATE ABOUT SERVING OUR COMMUNITY, our primary focus is Education, Knowledge, Healthcare and Resources to advance human achievement and well-being.

We Act Fast, yet Sustainability and Continuity remain at the core of our action.

Trust, Transparency, Accountability, Equality, Commitment, and Leadership are inherent in our culture.


We believe in the active engagement of individuals in triggering change and in developing strong inter-community bonds, based on mutual social and economic interests.

We build on women’s decisive role and active participation in achieving the advancement of society.

We work to retain our youth through education, job creation, empowerment and a strong sense of belonging and ownership.

We seek to build strong, active and efficient collaboration with civil society organizations, academia, creative sector and private enterprises.

We count on and cooperate with a network of dedicated people from different backgrounds, committed to make a difference.


Nawraj is governed by a Board of Trustees and managed by a Board Committee headed by the president. Our programs are led by persons with expertise in the socio-economic and development fields. Our dedicated members and team of volunteers, who work across the country, are determined to bring change and make a difference.


NAWRAJ upholds transparency and compliance with Lebanese law by annually preparing comprehensive financial reports. These reports undergo rigorous auditing processes conducted by certified audit offices, ensuring accountability and adherence to legal standards. The finalized reports are then diligently submitted to competent authorities, exemplifying NAWRAJ’s commitment to financial integrity and responsible management. Financial practices emphasize transparency, with regular audits and open communication, fostering trust and collaboration with stakeholders for sustainable development and positive social change across Lebanon.



NAWRAJ, with a 12-year track record, demonstrates commitment to effective governance and responsible management through 100+ impactful projects in Lebanon. Its transparent and accountable governance structure, led by a diverse Board of Directors, oversees strategic guidance and policy implementation. NAWRAJ’s multi-sectorial approach addresses diverse challenges with programs in education, healthcare, social aid, agriculture, women empowerment, heritage, eco-tourism, and more.