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About us

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A NGO to serve Lebanon

Nawraj is a Lebanese non-governmental organization, founded in 2010. Its objectives :

1. Preserving and defending pluralism, diversity, dialog and peace in Lebanon, to build a state of law resting on the following values : freedom, equality, dignity and security for all its citizens.
2. Nawraj extols a positive and permanent neutrality internationally guaranteed, where the Lebanese Army, exclusively, would ensure Lebanon’s security & defense.
3. Nawraj believes in a proximity democracy through more decentralization (regionalism).
4. Reinforcing women’s empowerment and children protection.
5. We promote healthcare for all, education and technological innovation.
6. We constantly support our communities wherever they are. We pursue a relentless commitment to create jobs through promoting evolving projects (agriculture, food processing, ecotourism, etc.), so that our people enjoys a better life.

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The Christian presence is the guarantee for the conservation of the coexistence between the ethnic, cultural, religious and political pluralism along with the consolidation of national identities and the “citizenship concept” in the Middle East, otherwise the Middle East would tip into the notion of “identity space” which would only tolerate “one religion” on its territory. In fact, by helping the Christian communities remain at home in the Middle East, the international community would consolidate a tolerance and moderation front against fundamentalism and create a bulwark against its propagation in Europe, and in the world.

Therefore Nawraj works on this purpose.


Fouad 2
Fouad Abou Nader President
Augustin 2
Augustin Tegho
Nazar 2
Nazar Najarian
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Iskandar Saba