Cementing Alliances

Cementing Alliances

Our purpose is to create jobs through project implementation in agriculture, farming, eco and religious tourism, IT, services, light industries, in all the regions of our country.


Celebrating Together

Christmas ceremony celebrated in Baalbeck (Beqaa) with the Shiite mayor, the Sunni and Shia sheikhs of the city, and in the presence of the Melkite and Maronite bishops, an Orthodox representant… ; and Christmas concert in the Christian village of Khraybe (North) conducted by the Internal Security Forces band in the presence of Sunni sheikh and mayors from the neighboring Sunni villages.

Meeting Community Leaders

The coexistence of eighteen different communities in the same country is a daily challenge. Very often, we visit their different religious representatives : here, with sheikh Ahmad Abdel Amir Kabalan, the vice-president of the Shiite High Council ; or among the highest Druze authorities we met in Khalwat al Bayyada in Hasbaya, just as we met also the sheikh Akl, Sami Abi Al-Muna, in Beirut, just after he was elected.

With International Official Authorities

In order to inform on Lebanese situation and to find solutions to help people, Dr Fouad Abou Nader travels and meets official authorities abroad. He was received in France, at the Elysée (in presence of French President’s advisor Mr. Aurélien Lechevallier, and MP Gwendal Rouillard), at the French Senate (with senator Bruno Retailleau) ; in Roma at the Italian Parliament, or in Germany, at the Bundestag.