Nawraj by Numbers

Nawraj by Numbers

Since 2010, our volunteers are the heart of Nawraj. They are very active all over Lebanon.


A presence on all Lebanese territory

Nawraj in few words


Year of creation



25 000

Families assisted

7,2 %

Operating costs

Types of projects

Social / Agricultural development : 30.5%

Examples : Distribution of food, Christmas gifts for children ; launch and development of artisanal projects.

Health / Medical assistance : 20.5%

Examples : Distribution of medical insurance cards and medicines ; rehabilitation of damaged establishments ; construction and launch of medical structures.

Education / Culture : 20.5%

Education : Support for training, distribution of school supplies ; organization of events and festivities.

Infrastructures : 28.5%

Examples : Rehabilitation of destroyed housing, construction of water networks, installation of video surveillance.

Breakdown by number of projects

Breakdown by amounts invested

Use of resources

(Since the founding of Nawraj and until the end of 2020, excluding basic investment)

92,8 %

Project funding

7,2 %

Operating costs

The resources come from :
– Collections from individuals / Private donations
– Foundations / sponsorship
– Local authorities abroad
– Religious communities, parishes, churches, etc.