Reversing the Momentum

Reversing the Momentum

Nawraj stands besides the Lebanese wherever they need to be supported. To avoid rural exodus, Nawraj is developing projects in towns and villages all over the country. And since the explosion of unprecedented magnitude which destroyed a part of Beirut on the 4th of August 2020, we mobilise all our forces to help in the renovation of hospitals and schools, the distribution of medicines and food rations, the rehabilitation of homes and the assistance to students.


Oum el Nour

In Ain-Ebel (South), the sanctuary of Oum el-Nour (inaugurated in 2015 by the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Rahi) shall initiate religious and eco-tourism to the area, create 50 direct new jobs, and encourage local people not to sell their land. Since the inception of this project, many people started investing in new hospitality businesses.

Back to Akkar (North)

Rebuild the village of Khraybe (which was totally emptied from its population at the beginning of the war), in order to transform the old houses in guest houses shall promote the eco-tourism and encourage the inhabitants to come back, as well as renovating the medieval church (800 AD) of Derbya.

My Land, My Future

Since the launching of agricultural projects in Jdeidet el-Fekha (East-Beqaa), local inhabitants have stopped selling their land. They started to build new homes, and to invest more in the region believing a future is possible in the land of their fathers.

Beirut Blast

Since the 4th of August 2020, Nawraj’s goal is to assist in the renovation of the Rosary Hospital which was destroyed, and the dispensaries that had to palliate and meet the high demand.

Nawraj helps also the victims of the Beirut blast who are facing an acute food insecurity, difficulties to obtain their medicines, to repair their damaged homes, or to pay for school fees and stationery, along with transportation and uniforms